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Manny Pacquiao to sell placebo?

January 18, 2011

It looks like Manny Pacquiao is going into the “power bracelet” business.   Here’s the link on his website.

Manny’s newly-formed corporation, MPBoxing Inc., is partnering with a “power bracelet” manufacturer to create a wrist band that improves strength, balance and flexibility.  The product’s name as quoted from the website is going to be Manny Pacquiao Edition Ion Power Bracelet.

The writeup does not provide information on the workings of the supposed Ion Power Bracelet.  I’d rather not judge the dish before it is served but I sure hope that there is real science behind this trinket.  To be fair, I’ve emailed Timothy James of MPBoxing Inc. for more information on the product.

The product’s name is an indication that it might be derivative of the”ionized” bracelets that were sold by several manufacturer a couple of year ago.  The most popular brand, Q-Ray’s Ionized Bracelet, was taken to court by the FTC and was found guilty of fraud by the Federal Trade Commission of false advertising.  Another website has compiled an excellent timeline.  We all know that these products do not live up to their claims but still they continue to persist in the market.

The well-known Power Balance bracelet is the current poster boy for these type of trinkets.  The only difference between it and these ion bracelets is the “science” behind them (natural energy field  vs. ions).  I’ve discussed Power Balance’s debunking in a previous entry.

The business that is Manny Pacquiao is ultimately his business.  As a fan and a fellow Filipino, I can only ask that he not slap his name on a possibly fraudulent product and make money from it.  As of this blog entry’s writing, the contract between MPBoxing Inc. and the wrist band’s manufacturer has not been finalized.  I sure hope Manny and his management team come to their senses and demand testable proof that the product actually works before endorsing it.

  1. The Ion Power bracelets actually emit negative ions, and as in nature, 85% are absorbed through the skin. When humans absorb negative ions their mental and physical well-being are elevated. This is not hype, this is studied science and has been around forever. We at Ion Power have designed our bracelets to emit as many negative ions as possible so that some of what nature gives us when we are out in high negative ion regions, waterfalls, beaches, fresh meadows, etc. can be delivered while we are stuck in our low negative ion producing environments, such as offices, our cars, in the cities, etc. We would never claim that Ion Power bracelets will make you feel better, nor would we claim that hanging out in a rain forest will make you feel better. We do know that the more negative ions absorbed by the body is better than less.I hope this helps clear things up a bit.

  2. Michael J forgot to mention showers. Ions are fundamental building blocks stuff, and have no effect on your health. Michael J is obviously peddling his lies without proof. Where is your double blind placebo controlled study michael j?

    Seriously… I wish these people would stop lying like this. They are snakes.

  3. Petro permalink

    Yes, I bought a pair of these, and I must say, I love it!

    It works especially well with my invisible cloak, while I’m eating my magic jelly beans. It has something to do with how the beans react with the negative ions that produces angel tears that really lifts the mood of the room! It’s a proven studied fact!

    But the really amazing things here, is that in this day and age, people are still buying into this swill.

    Utter nonesense!

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